COHORT NEWS: Plinqit Announces Deal with ChoiceOne Bank

Plinqit, a member of the 2017 Venture Center FinTech Accelerator cohort, announced an agreement with ChoiceOne Bank, a Michigan-based community bank, to bring mobile savings to the bank’s customers. The agreement will aid the bank in attracting millennials by offering an innovative way to save through Plinqit’s app, which also rewards users for reaching savings goals and referring friends to save.

ChoiceOne has offered Plinqit to its employees since September. Now, the automated goal-based saving tool is available to customers of ChoiceOne Bank as well as the public at

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with HT Mobile Apps and offer Plinqit,” ChoiceOne Bank Chief Operating Officer Adom Greenland said in a press release. “We are excited to offer Plinqit to our customers and to be the major depository institution. Plinqit will help our customers, as well as all others who use it, to save money in a fun and easy way using their mobile device or computer.”

“I am thrilled to partner with an innovative community bank like ChoiceOne. Through our partnership, we can offer Plinqit users ways to amplify their savings. The ChoiceOne team has been providing instrumental feedback on the product, as well as business advice as we scale our startup here in Michigan,” Kathleen Craig, founder and CEO of HT Mobile Apps, said.

HT Mobile Apps, a Michigan-based FinTech company, has financial institution customers ranging from $30 million in assets to over $15 billion in assets on its platform which is designed to help banks easily and cost effectively roll out innovative new services to attract and retain new customers. The platform today powers a suite of offerings that includes Banker Jr. and Member Jr. in addition to Plinqit.

“One in two Americans struggle to save even $500, while 25% of the population has $0 in savings. Money stress leads to so many other issues. Helping people save through Plinqit and hearing stories of how this product is helping them reach their long-term goals is hugely rewarding for our entire team,” Kathleen said.

As a participant in the 12-week Venture Center FinTech Accelerator, Kathleen went through a rigorous program that provided access to the resources -- capital, mentorship, curriculum, networking and feedback from executives at 25+ banks -- early-stage, bank-enabling startups need to validate an MVP and quickly scale. Watch Kathleen present on Plinqit at the Venture Center FinTech Demo Day.

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