COHORT NEWS: FundSeeder to Host One-Day Virtual Trader Summit

FundSeeder, alumnus of the 2016 Venture Center FinTech Accelerator, is hosting a free, one-day only virtual trader summit on Feb. 8, 2018.

The event includes over two dozen video educational sessions from some of the most successful names in trading, investing, and the financial markets. Attendees get a front row seat as these influencers share their world-class experiences as well as their unique approaches to trading the markets.

The summit is designed to deliver value to those just beginning their trading and asset management careers as well as pedigreed asset managers. Attendees get easy, candid and actionable information that is applicable to any experience level or trading strategy. Attendees also get an opportunity to attend the FundSeeder Trader Bootcamp.

FundSeeder allows traders to verify their track records, benefit from performance analytics and risk management tools, access an emerging manager support structure, find potential trader employment opportunities and, if regulated, connect with investors.

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